Free Webinars Develop Your Intuition

Center for ECOintention

We offer 3 FREE WEBINARS to introduce the course 'Develop Your Intuition', starting April 5.
You can follow these webinars separately. No prior knowledge is required.

Practice the 10 Point Meditation. Connect with the power of your intuition. Meet your teachers.

The free DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION webinars are with Zoom, in English, last 3 hours and are provided by Hans Andeweg, Natascha van den Ban, Rijk Bols and Moni Arany, who teach the course.

Everyone is welcome!

23-02-2024: Free webinar no.1
Learn the Basics of Healing:

Practice 10 Point Meditation, Heal with the Power of Hello, Make a Global Healing Circle
Friday, Feb. 23 from 18.30-21.30 hours = 6.30-9.30 PM in Amsterdam (CET)

03-03-2024 Free webinar no. 2
Learn the Basics of Reading.

15-03-2024 Free webinar no. 3
Learn the Basics of Shamanism.

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