Introduction to Golden Sphere Energetics

Cawen - Carin Wennink
de Dansherberg, St Hubert (N-Br)


Humanity is at a defining moment in our evolutionary cycle. We have a choice to awaken and embrace Love as conscious co-creators here on Earth. Within you is the key to the quantum shift of humanity and the Earth. You have a choice to awaken and actively participate in this shift, both individually and collectively.

Golden Sphere Energetics

TonyChristie-LoveTransmitterThe Golden Sphere Energetics are a collection of new, dynamic, high vibrational symbols and energetic devices to assist you in your time here on Earth. They operate on infinite unconditional love and represent the divine creative energy that is at your core and is your core.

These energetic devices assist in raising the vibration of humanity, healing humanity and facilitating the emergence of a new way of being. They help to clear heavy energies from your energy bodies, raise your vibration, get you more into The Flow, take you on amazing journey to higher realms, and more. The overall experience of using the Golden Sphere Energetics is one of higher awareness, greater clarity, experiencing infinite unconditional love and a greater knowing of the Oneness that you are.

The range of Golden Sphere Energetic devices consist of individual shapes and group devices, some of which you can use on your own and others that are more powerful with others. The more advanced golden sphere energetics are ways of creating a love filled, compassionate, advanced and evolving society of infinite love, beauty, peace, joy and bliss and fun.

The Golden Sphere Energetics were brought through by Tony Ærcyus Christie in his meditations while he was a part of the Holding the Light 2020 Group during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Contents of the workshop

In this workshop, you will learn about and experience some of the different types of Golden Sphere Energetic devices and how to use them, including:
1. Vibration Elevator
2. Clearing Disc
3. Individual Golden Sphere Activation
4. The Cosmic Disc
5. The Love Transmitter
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