Meditation and song gathering with breathwork

ProjectA - MAGU
vrijwillige bijdrage
muziek, zang en dans

💐✨ Curious about exploring meditation and singing wellbeing songs ? ✨💐

✨ In these gatherings we propose guided meditations, and meaningful songs related to a specific theme each time.

(This time we will combine meditation with breathwork and geometry)

We use our voices to express and give freedom to stuck emotions while and discovering the power of our voices. This is a space to allow yourself to be just as you are, amazing being !

We carefully select a repertoire of songs to be sung all together (no need to know how to sing) and MAGU guides the songs with different instruments.

If you are unable to have access to the ticket link or any other issues please contact us.

💐✨Looking forward to co-create in this journey, together we can more light, positive vibes and love to the world :)✨💐

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