Drawing the Buddha Face – Tibetan Art Course

School for Tibetan Buddhist Art

Buddha Face Thangka Art Course
Jan 26-Feb 4, 2024

During this in-depth thangka course, you will learn how to draw the face of the Buddha according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Through Carmen Mensink's combination of creating art step by step, mindfulness meditation and explanations about thangka and iconography, you will not only create a meaningful drawing, but you will gain an experience that lasts way longer than the duration of this course.

You can start this course anytime within the above time frame and come back to it as much as you like in between these dates. During the course availability Carmen is fully available to guide and support you on your drawing, bringing each student from where they are to a higher level.

The average thangka student will take up to 1 day to complete this course and draw the Buddha Face in black & white. If preferred, your drawing can be further worked out using shading or colour (check out the course bundles with the Colouring Techniques course included!).

This course is for you when:
- You want to create a Buddha Face in the Tibetan tradition and/or start your thangka journey
- You want to learn more about buddhas, thangka art and iconography
- You want to experience the meditative aspect of thangka drawing

After this course:
- You have drawn your own beautiful Buddha Face
- You know more about the history of thangka, as well as the symbolism of your Buddha Face
- You have learned the basics that are needed to join follow-up courses like The Buddha, Medicine Buddha or White Tara

There are NO requirements for this course, anyone can join. In fact, you don't need to have any drawing experience at all. The Buddha Face course is one of Carmen's signature thangka courses that she has offered to thousands of students during her many years of teaching. She will guide and support you personally, and will bring out the best in you on your own level.

You can also choose a course bundle with the subsequent course, The Buddha (Shakyamuni, the Historical Buddha of our Time, included.

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