The Restoration of sacredness in our sexual energy op 29 en 30 juni 2024

Joanne van Wijgerden en Gary Joplin
De Open Ruimte, Almere
€425 (incl BTW)

Two Day-workshop to explore the dance of life-force energy and cosmic energy (29 en 30 juni)

In this workshop we will offer a deep exploration of the relationship to our own vital and sexual energy, experiencing practical ways to rediscover the sacredness of this part of our human experience. We will also connect our reproductive organs with their original energetic blueprint, restoring the natural flow of vitality and life force that is our natural birthright. In doing so we will clarify what stands between us and a fuller expression of our divine nature in our sexual expression and invite the next step of our unfolding, enhancing the light frequency in our entire bodies.

We will actively invite a deeper vertical connection to divine energy as well as a restoration of the marriage between the energy of the divine and our sexual energies. Where are the places where we separate ourselves from the light and our divine nature regarding our sexuality? Where do we make a split inside ourselves to separate shadow from light, good from bad, shame from virtue? And what would it feel like to be able to integrate that energy which we have separated and allow its return to its rightful place through integration and transcendence?

We will be:
Exploring the echoes of information living in our systems related to collective, cultural, and ancestral energies, and exploring how our own sexual expression is influenced by them
Practicing exercises to enhance our sexual energy to become more vital and free
Inviting the next step in our relationship to our own vital force and sexual energy
Finding and exploring appropriate ways to touch where sexual energy is respectful, open, and present, learning to touch in a way that allows us to connect with the physical, sensual, and light bodies
Aligning the 3 gateways of divine energy though the crown of the head, the center of the heart, and the center of our pelvis
Re-calibrating the 2nd chakra to awaken and bring balance to our sexual energy
Sending healing impulses into the reproductive organs to rewrite patterns stored in our bodies
This workshop is for everyone who desires a liberation of their sexual energies within the containment of their divine alignment, so that we may speak of a true sacred sexuality.

Dates: June 2024 29 and 30th 10.00-17.30u
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