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Awakening of Consciousness: Deepen Your Connection with the Soul

You have come into this life to awaken, expand, and explore your consciousness. When you
integrate your Soul consciousness into your daily life, you fully actualize yourself. As you realize who you truly are, you can playfully embrace your uniqueness and learn to let go of all resistance.

As long as you lead a human existence, you learn to live by following your inner knowing rather than being driven by your emotions. When you learn to be consciously present, you feel the connection with the Soul, your true and essential self. By connecting with the Soul, the eternal knowing self, you are able to see things as they truly are and live the life you choose.

This training initiates the process of integrating your human personality with the Soul through
meditation, visualization, and learning how to heal old wounds. You will also learn to read the
potential of the Soul and release the limitations of the human until all that remains is the pure
connection with the Soul, the state of consciousness of your unique and authentic self.

Each of us carries the ability to heal, read, see clearly, know, hear, and feel. These qualities are intrinsically connected to your Soul, which knows everything. In this training, you will learn to unlock these hidden treasures of your Soul and let them shine in your daily life.

Let your Soul awaken and enrich your life with deep connection, wisdom, and love.
Enroll in the training today and discover the magic of living from your Soul consciousness.

Durance: weekend
Time: 11.00 - 17.00 hours
Location: NIMIS Bussum
Language: English
Trainer: Mark Falconer Atlee
Info: 06 - 83791850
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