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Does art have a function? What could that be? What is the source of great art in human history? What is the relation between creat-ivity and creat-ion? In what ways can art have a meaningful function in your life?

Art in human history has been an expression and a signpost for those who seek spiritual evolution. Discover this function of art and learn new ways to think, look and sense. Experience the essence of ancient esoteric wisdom and new inspiration.

This evening is part of a 5-week program with separate subjects. You are welcome to join all meetings or visit on ore more individually.


12 September - Symbology

Discovery through the paintbrush

19 September - Art in Ancient Egypt

Mystery and power revealed

26 September - Creativity

Through the 5 human energy centers

3 October - Sound & music

All can hear but who is listening?

10 October - The Ray of Creation

7 levels in creation & art

Who are we

The Phoenix Fellowship is a living Esoteric School for Human Development and Spiritual Growth. We are here for anyone seeking answers to life's questions and wanting to make an essential difference in the world. For more information, you are welcome to visit our website. (


19:45 – 20:00: Time to arrive

20:00 – 22:00: Practical introduction toThe Essence of Art


Most meetings are attended by 10 to 15 students and are led by an experienced teacher. It is possible to ask questions or to only listen. It is a safe environment in which we hope you will have an inspiring evening. The meetings are usually conducted in easy-to-follow English. If necessary, we are happy to assist you with translation.


Theater de Cameleon
Derde Kostverlorenkade 35
1054 TS


Price per afternoon € 20/ students € 10

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