Fundamentals for a Spiritual Life – The 7 planetary influences

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“The human is an unfixed, unrealised embodied spirit created by a higher authority to fulfil a purpose”- This is the first principle of our school.

Does this resonate in you? Do you somewhere feel you are here for a reason, to fulfil a Human function? Then you might wish to meet our school, our Work and Way.

You are welcome to visit and become introduced to fundamental teachings on the human, the universe and the interaction between the two. We pass on our work in different ways from oral teaching to various practical methods including movements, music, meditation and stories.


22 August – The Universe: a lawful matter

Universal laws to which all things must respond

29 August – The 4 Human Types

Human nature through the cyclic law

5 September – Self Knowledge

Layers of ‘self’: essence & personality

12 September – The 7 planetary influences

Myth & our relationship with the ‘local Gods’

19 September – Letters & Numbers

The power of symbology

This meeting is part of a series that is advised to be followed in full, you are also welcome to attend a single meeting of the program.

About the organizer

The Phoenix Fellowship is a living Esoteric School for Human Development and Spiritual Growth. We are here for anyone seeking answers to life's questions and wanting to make an essential difference in the world. For more information, you are welcome to visit our website (


19:45 – 20:00: Time to arrive

20:00 – 22:00: Meeting on Fundamentals for a spiritual life.


Most meetings are attended by 5 to 10 students and are led by an experienced teacher. It is possible to ask questions or to only listen. It is a safe environment in which we hope you will have an inspiring evening. The meetings are usually conducted in easy-to-follow English. If necessary, we are happy to assist you with translation.


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Price € 20/student € 10 per evening.

To subscribe or inquire

To ensure we can make adequate preparations for your attendance, we kindly invite you to subscribe in advance using one of the following options:

1. Email Subscription: Subscribe by sending an email to
2. Online Subscription Form: Visit our website's subscription page and fill out the simple form. (

We will follow up on your subscription by sending you additional information about the evening.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope to welcome you to one or more of our open evenings.
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