The Essence of Art – The Eagle and the Snake

Phoenix Dynamics
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This is a practical and esoteric introductory program into the function of art.

Does art have a function? What could that be? What is the source of great art in human history? What is the relation between creat-ivity and creat-ion? In what ways can art have a meaningful function in your life?

Art in human history has been an expression and a signpost for those who seek spiritual evolution. You are very welcome in our art studio to discover essence art made by students at our school. Our artists will lead you into new ways of thinking, feeling, sensing and creating essence art. No prior experience in art is necessary to partake.

The meetings are usually conducted in easy-to-follow English. If necessary, we are happy to assist you with translation.


29 July – The eagle and the snake
How form reveals deeper meaning; experience it through clay

12 August – The magic of patterns, rhythm and order
Meet the laws of creation through your pencil and compass

26 August – Signposts for our human quest
Ancient images and creating a signpost for your quest


Art studio ‘The Forge’
Wapenveld (near Zwolle)
Saturdays 13:30-16:30h


Price per afternoon € 40 / students € 20

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