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Phoenix Dynamics
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Throughout history humans have asked themselves important questions. What is my life for? Is there a greater meaning and purpose to be found?

Are you sometimes wondering where to find the keys to answer these questions?

The journey to travel is a journey to the centre inside oneself. This kind of travelling needs as much of a roadmap and signposts as travelling abroad. The Phoenix Taro provides exactly that, and much more.

Knowledge of the Taro is not necessary, an open mind is.

Introductory evenings
You are welcome to find out what the Phoenix Taro can offer you, by joining an introductory evening. The various evenings will revolve around esoteric teachings in symbology, numerology, colour, natural laws and even more… which all can be found in the Taro.

Phoenix Dynamics are open dynamics, organized by the Phoenix Fellowship, where you are welcome to visit and find out what our school has on offer. You may discover a spiritual teaching which suits our current time. Our school offers many ways of working and teachings based on ancient, esoteric wisdom, leading to new understanding of the human design and our function within the greater scheme of Life. For more information you can visit our website.

The program has an intimate setting and is led by an experienced teacher. It is a safe environment in which we hope you will experience inspiring evenings. Perhaps good to mention: we work in the English language.

De Puntjes
Landsheerlaan 117-119

Price and contact
Price € 20/ students € 10
For more information and contact: Please subscribe in advance.
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