Open Spirit Festival – Humaniversity

Egmond aan Zee
korting actie
muziek, zang en dans

Join us for the Open Spirit Festival!

On this magical weekend we invite you to our beautiful campus by the sea, surrounded by lush gardens with lovely corners to relax in. Enjoy the welcoming spirit of the Humaniversity community, created by Veeresh and inspired by Osho.

Over these two days you can choose from over twenty uplifting events. The many workshops and meditations available include: Martial Arts, Singing, Dance and Movement, The AUM – Veeresh’s most popular Social Meditation, Shamanic Summer Solstice Ritual, Theatre Improvisation, Osho Active Meditations, Emotional Release, Yoga, Family Constellation, Sharing & Reflecting, Money & Abundance Quest, Compassionate Inquiry, Talking to the BodyMind, Bollywood Dance Class, Tantra Breath Meditation, Saturday Evening Dance Party with our top DJs Geetee, Rajan and Shanti.

Following are the festival prices:
2 days Festival €90
1 day Festival €50
This festival is non-residential.
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