The Way of the Labyrinth met Tony Christie

Carin & Jack van de Schaapshoeve
de Schaapshoeve in Langenboom (N-Br)


The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that is a gift to humanity. It is a symbol that supports you on your life’s journey and brings healing and higher vibrational energies for your advancement. It is a symbol of oneness, a symbol of you and a symbol of Love.

The way of the labyrinth workshop brings together the many diverse aspects and associations of the labyrinth and merges them into a coherent and uniform whole that expands on what we already know about the labyrinth bringing a whole new and exciting way to merge with the labyrinth and its higher vibrational energies.

There are layers and dimensions to the labyrinth that are being revealed to us as we immerse ourselves in it. During this ‘Way of the Labyrinth’ workshop, you will learn and experience how the labyrinth:
• Supports you in your life’s learnings
• Brings clarity to areas of your life
• Raises your vibration
• Reveals new insights, and
• Nurtures new and enhanced states of being
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