Loving Relationships Training

Pile Tali en Monique van den Toorn
Sada Shiva Dam Loenen
€ v.a. 342
vroegboek korting

A transformational weekend on Loving Relationships is an opportunity for ascencion.
It is a step by step process that shows you exactly how to create relationships of deeper connection and more spiritual intimacy. It shows you what to let go of and what you need to do to heal and maintain lasting and loving relationships.
This training will get you clear on what you want in your relationships including the relationship with yourself.
We look at thought, ascending above fear and anger, birth patterns, family patterns, communication, health and longevity, immortality and it includes a Liberation Breathing session each day to let go of the negative and inhale pure joy.
In combination with the ashram activities you will be emerged in a truly safe and holy environment.
You don"t have to attend the ashram aarti or havan but you can.

A bed and 2 meals per day are included. See also sada shiva dam on google.

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