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Neda Boin
De Maanhoeve, Drenthe
muziek, zang en dans

Let Love Lead!
Voice Liberation & Course in Miracles retreat with Neda Boin
Guest Teacher: Melanta Ayon

Dear friends, I invite you all for an unforgettable healing journey where we will use the deeply transformative power of Voice Liberation and the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles to journey from fear to Love.

Voice Liberation is a powerful method of using the voice to release subconscious blocks and emotions. The voice is a natural healing force. When used for healing it can instantly release things that have been hidden and stuck for ages. With Voice Liberation we move out of the thinking mind and into the heart. We give voice to the suppressed parts of us so that what no longer serves us can be brought up to be released.

Voice Liberation is not a singing class, although I even notice myself that the more I release what is not true, the clearer, warmer and more open and melodic my voice becomes. No singing skills are required whatsoever, just a desire to be free!

“Neda’s voice liberation workshops are powerful beyond measure. They are a way to transcend the thinking mind into a direct experience of unity and freedom. Neda is not only a gifted singer and songwriter, she is one of the most dynamic teachers of A Course in Miracles that I know.” – Corinne Zupko – bestselling and award-winning author of From Anxiety To Love

“Neda’s Voice Liberation sessions are very heart opening and mind clearing. They are a way of revealing and clearing unconscious beliefs and thoughts. I highly recommend Neda’s sessions for nurturing the forgiveness process and accelerating healing in mind for those who truly want to heal.” – David Hoffmeister, Mystic, bestselling author and founder of Living Miracles

“Neda’s voice liberation work is a process like no other. It helps to get to the core of your pain and suffering and releases you from it in a very powerful, moving, inspiring and fun way!” – Maria Felipe, author of Live Your Happy

For an impression of a retreat (video from Bali retreat):

A Course in Miracles is a pathway that brings us from fear to love. It comes in the form of a channeled self study book that contains a textbook, a workbook and a manual for teachers. The Course describes a miracle as a shift in perception from fear to love. It doesn’t teach us about love, because that is what we already are. It does teach us however that “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” (ACIM, T-16.IV.6:1)

In our Voice Liberation sessions, this is exactly what we will do, using the voice as a mighty tool to seek and find all the barriers within ourselves that we have built against the love we truly are. A Course in Miracles is a thick book and can be easily used by the ego to intellectualize its profound teachings, instead of truly feeling it. Voice Liberation is a very powerful aid to move from the head into the heart, and to not intellectually or spiritually bypass what wants to be healed.

“I’ve been studying A Course in Miracles for so long, but something happened during your sessions that I never experienced before. It was like something went quantum and there was immediate healing. I don’t understand what happened. I have been studying so long, but now I feel it, my heart has opened, I’m in the real experience of it!” – Ewa

This retreat is for you if you resonate with one or more of the following
✔️You are ready to break through the unconscious blocks that are hiding the love you truly are

✔️ You want to feel deeply supported and cared for

✔️ You can feel a block on your throat or fear to really let yourself be heard

✔️You desire an unshakable trust in your heart

✔️ You want to be moved by inspiration and love

✔️ You want to live and express yourself from an authentic and honest place within yourself

✔️ You want to hear and follow your Inner Voice

✔️ You want to heal your throat chakra; related amongst other things to not being able to share yourself in an authentic way, not being able to let your creativity flow freely, dismissing your own feelings, feeling like you’re not truly being heard, people pleasing and any physical voice problems

✔️You wish to remember more to laugh, play, sing & dance!

​Neda Boin is a Dutch/Persian award winning singer-songwriter and Voice Liberator who uses her music to remember and extend the Love we truly are. After her successful participation in the popular TV show The Voice in 2015, she realized deeply that all that glitter and glamor could never give what her heart truly desired. She released her Course in Miracles album The Light Has Come and started to solely make music that reminds her and others of the Love we truly are.
​Neda travels all around the globe to share her music and Voice Liberation work. She also shares her gift in prison.
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