GROUNDED. workshop aarden op Zaterdag 19 Oktober

Emotional Release Workshops
Centrum van Happiness Amsterdam
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Find your center in the eye of the storm

Grounded. is a state of being in which we feel rooted, secure and spacious in our body, that needs to be cultivated and exercised to move from the periphery of stormy times into your calm and secure center.

This workshops includes bio-energetics, shaking, breathing, sounding and movement exercises.

It is essential to release the leftovers of tensions and anxiety to find new strength and positivity and to reconnect with your body, Mother Earth and your universal nature.

Filling up all the cells of the body with aliveness, spirit and presence will help you sink deeper into the roots of yourself to feel more secure and open to others.

What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics involves body movements, simple postures, sound-making and breathing exercises of different intensity, to reduce stress and address difficult emotions and create space in the body. This is helping the process of grounding; the energy flows to the feet, the legs and the pelvic area, bringing you in contact with your natural vitality. Watching this video will give you an idea.

What is shaking?

Shaking the body in a spontaneous and loose way and making non-sense sounds at the same time (gibberish) helps to release tensions in the body-mind, unblock emotions, experience a sense of aliveness and freedom and not take yourself sooooo seriously! Watching this video will give you an idea.

A bit more about movement meditation & dance:

We use dance and movement meditations as a tool to get in touch with our body’s deepest feelings and needs. It helps us develop a form of inner listening and to break loose from the restrictions that have been put upon ourselves.


Emotional Release Team: Tessa Curti-Nagtegaal (Holistic Coach) & Somesh Valentino Curti (Body-oriented psychologist). They are working together since 10 years supporting people to connect with their body and emotions to feel more open and happy.

For Tessa, Grounded. means: knowing what I want, finding security in myself, feeling calm and centered, vertical axis, living life from the inside out

For Somesh, Grounded. means: Feeling confident, connecting with the surrounding and at the same time feeling independent and continuously in touch with the body

PROGRAM 10.00- approx. 15.00

09.45 Door open
10.00 Grounding session
12.30 Lunch Break (bring your own lunch)
13.15 Grounding session
15.00 End and Goodbyes

Please note:
– Please wear or bring comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Please bring warm socks and a large shawl or blanket.
– Please bring your own (light) lunch
– Tea and snacks are included (for coffee you can take away from one of the bars in the area)

Location: Temple of Happiness, Amsterdam

Participation fee:

Early Birds sign up before 18 September: € 85,- (incl 21%VAT)

Bring a friend and you both pay: € 85,-

Regular Bird: € 95,- (incl 21%VAT)

Repeaters of GROUNDED. welcome to join again to deepen your experience: € 70,-
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