GROUNDED. (in 2 hours!)

Emotional Release Workshops Team
Amsterdam, Frans Halsstraat - de Pijp
€ 30
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What is this mini- workshop about?

From 10.00 to 12.00 we will practice some of our various exercises all aimed at stimulating a state of grounding in the body and quieting the mind. Think of: bio-energetics, shaking, sounding or breathing exercises. We use physical movement, breathing and sound to release tensions, strenghten a sense of centerness and being more open emotionally.

Some of these exercises also come back in our longer GROUNDED. Workshops that you might have attended or might attend in the future. This mini-workshop is an introduction to our work and also an opportunity to keep practising our exercises

Price is 30 euro and it is necessary to subscribe writing to Somesh:

PS. On this day there will also be a 2 hour Mini workshop with a guided meditation & intro to self-holding in the afternoon! In case you join both workshops you pay € 50,- Limited availability!

Somesh: He is a clinical psychologist and meditation facilitator in a continuous process of exploring and experiencing different types of body-oriented therapies since 2006: Osho therapy and meditation groups, Breath-Work, Encounter therapy, Bioenergetics Therapy. He is also exploring different spiritual paths like Advaita Vedanta with Mooji, Gangaji & Eli and Rupert Spira since 2013 and Kashmir Tantric Shivaism with Daniel Odier since 2018.
Tessa: She is a Holistic Coach and meditation facilitator, she has been continuously exploring and experiencing various aspects of meditation and therapy with utmost curiosity: Vipassana meditation, Mindfulness, Chakra psychology, various healing methods, focusing, emotional bodywork, voice-liberation and Non-duality/Advaita-vedanta. Dedicated to healing and truth, she has been rediscovering the love that is present when we take a closer look at ourselves and our life.
They work together in the field of Therapy and guided meditation since 2012
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