Emotional Release Workshop: Understanding & Expressing Emotions

Emotional Release Workshops
Centrum van Happiness Amsterdam

What is this workshop about?

How do you recognize, feel, communicate and express emotions?

Being able to understand, feel through and express your emotions properly can help you feel expanded and lighter.

That’s what this workshop is about. You will experience how your body, mind and feelings are connected with each other, and how you can use exercises like bodywork, breathing and giving voice to your benefit, so that you can express what is going on within you.

What will we do?

You will have the opportunity to look at what is alive in you emotionally currently and work with that. Of course we will bring in our usual techniques and practices, including bio-energetics, movement exercises like shaking and meditations to aid in this process. In this workshop, we will do exercises individually, and also in couples and in the group. Coming together in a group for this brings recognition and makes us feel connected, even though of course it can be scary in the beginning.

The use of the body is essential in Emotional work, to help us to step into the now and out of the mind-created stories around our feelings.

What will it bring me?

After this day of practicing together, you will have more clarity about your feelings and might go home a lot lighter than you came in! Also, you’ll be able to recognize your feelings better and to vocalize them, in stead of being unaware, keeping feelings in or blurting them out aggressively to those you love. You’ll also have learned some practical tools that you can bring home and work with.

Facilitators: Emotional Release Team: Tessa Curti-Nagtegaal (Holistic Coach) & Somesh Valentino Curti (Body-oriented psychologist). They are working together since 10 years supporting people to connect with their body and emotions to feel more open and happy.

PROGRAM details Saturday 13 April 2024

(full day workshop)

09.45 Door open
10.00 Intro, setting intentions & Warming up
11.00 Understanding & Expressing Emotions Part 1
12.30 Lunch Break (bring your own lunch)
13.30 Understanding & Expressing Emotions Part 2
16.30 Closing Ritual & Goodbyes

Please note:
– Please wear or bring comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Please bring warm socks and a large shawl or blanket.
– Please bring your own (light) lunch
– Tea and snacks are included
Evenement / Agenda delen: