Stembevrijding weekend retraite Drenthe

Neda Boin
De Maanhoeve, Drenthe
vroegboek korting
muziek, zang en dans

Dear friends, I invite you all for an unforgettable healing journey where we will use Voice Liberation and the non-dual teachings of A Course in Miracles to travel from fear to Love.

This retreat is for you if you resonate with one or more of the following:

✔️You are ready to break through deep and unconscious patterns

✔️You want to let go of pain and stuck emotions from the past

✔️You desire an unshakable trust in your heart

✔️ You are ready to let go of fear as your teacher and surrender fully into Love

✔️ You want to live and express yourself from an authentic and honest place within yourself

✔️ You want to listen to and follow your Inner Voice

✔️ You want to heal your throat chakra; related amongst other things to not being able to share yourself in an authentic way, not being able to let your creativity flow freely, dismissing your own feelings, feeling like you’re not truly being heard, people pleasing and any physical voice problems

✔️You are tired of people-pleasing and are ready to start living from authenticity and purpose

✔️You wish to remember more to laugh, play, sing & dance!
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