Kundalini Awakening

Een meditatiecentrum in Rotterdam

I welcome you with open arms to share the gift of Kundalini.

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life? Or had a feeling that there must be more to you and have a desire to reconnect with that? Or do you simply want to feel better on all levels and be more balanced? When life force energy flows freely without any interruptions we feel great and thrive. The journey of exploring this is transformational.

During a session some music is played and I will invite you to lie down on a yoga mat and relax. The amazing thing about this process is that if you surrender it is easy and effortless to receive. In a group session you share the space with like-minded souls. Together we raise the energy and each person stays in their own process. (small groups max 6p)

I look forward to seeing you there! Sessions in The Netherlands will be in Dutch unless there are people who speak English only. You can schedule a session and find more information on my website.

With love, Martine
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