2 hr mini meditation workshop GROUNDED PRESENCE

Emotional Release Workshops Team
€ 25

Mini-workshop of 2 hours called "Grounded Presence" is an opportunity to meet and share together the energy of Grounding, a natural sense of relaxation, stability and openness.

We offer two guided meditations: one lead by Somesh about connecting with the body, relaxing the mind and discovering our natural calm presence.
The other meditation is guided by Tessa and is Self-holding, a beautiful practice based on approaching yourself and your body-mind in a very gentle and loving way. Here a link to know more about Self-holding: https://relaxation-therapist.com/self-holding-sessions/
Price is 25 euro and it is necessary to subscribe writing to Somesh: valcur80@yahoo.it

About Somesh: He is a clinical psychologist and meditation facilitator in a continuous process of exploring and experiencing different types of body-oriented therapies since 2006: Osho therapy and meditation groups, Breath-Work, Encounter therapy, Bioenergetics Therapy. He is also exploring different spiritual paths like Advaita Vedanta with Mooji, Gangaji & Eli and Rupert Spira since 2013 and Kashmir Tantric Shivaism with Daniel Odier since 2018.
About Tessa: She is a Holistic Coach and meditation facilitator, she has been continuously exploring and experiencing various aspects of meditation and therapy with utmost curiosity: Vipassana meditation, Mindfulness, Chakra psychology, various healing methods, focusing, emotional bodywork, voice-liberation and Non-duality/Advaita-vedanta. Dedicated to healing and truth, she has been rediscovering the love that is present when we take a closer look at ourselves and our life.
They work together in the field of Therapy and guided meditation since 2012
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