Shaktipat Ceremony with mantra singing en music by Dieke

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Curious about (traditional) Tantra?

The power of mystical ceremonies?

Revitalizing your own energy body?

Around the full moon we enter an ancient, Tantric meditation: Shaktipat.

The ceremony can be a mystical journey with insights, release and an expanded energetical state.

We combine this meditative ritual with a live concert, workshop or sound experience.


This evening Dieke will fill the space with her muscial gifts. We’ll sing mantra’s together and Dieke will guide us through a musical introduction of the evening, to sink into the state of surrender as a perfect preparation for the Shaktipat ritual.


Shaktipat is a traditional, mystical, Tantric ceremony. In Sanskrit, Shaktipat literally means descent of grace. Through ritual and intent we invite awareness of life energy (Kundalini) into our bodies. Resulting in a more flow, bliss and ease.

Shaktipat is a solo meditation, supported by collective energy. You will be ‘touched’ by water of the Ganga river, sacred ash, Kumkum and a third eye blessing of the Siddha lineage. Indian Vedic chants will support you into deeper meditation and prayer.

A Shaktipat can be a deeply transformational experience.


Kundalini, also referred to as life force, is the energy of your soul’s potential, rooted at the base of your spine.
Kundalini can awaken through practice (yoga, breathwork etc.), psychedelic stimulation (plant medicine etc.), spontaneous activation (birth), or through energetical transmission (Shaktipat).
We consider Shaktipat a safe way of awakening, as the lineage will ensure a smooth transition of your self-realization journey.

An awakened Kundalini can bring about massive life-transforming experiences and spiritual awakenings.


The Shaktipat ritual is performed according to Siddha tradition (5000 years old). Its primary objective was the direct, effortless awakening of the Kundalini. Through ritual and prayer we invoke the guidance of Bhagavan Nityananda, a meditator residing in the mountains of Maharastra, India.

Kabira has received initiation through Bud Barber in Melbourne in 2016, and has been giving Shaktipat across several continents ever since.


17:30h Doors open
18:00h Opening & explanation Kundalini
18:30h Live concert & mantra singing guided by Dieke
19:30h Start ceremony of light (Aarti) & Shaktipat
21:00h – 21:30h Closing, sharing & grounding


Amsterdam, soon to be announced



– Please bring your own meditation cushion, sheep and / or blanket with you.

– Despite the word Shakti sometimes referring to feminine power, the Shaktipat is open to all genders and any-body.

– Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and that you can sit in. Your body temperature might change, layers of clothing work well.

– Optional: bring an offering for the altar. E.g. flowers, sweets, crystals, pictures or anything that you would like to have blessed. You can take this home with you afterwards.

– Optional: bring some snacks and drinks to share for a bite after. A light meal or a few hours of fasting before could support your experience.

– If you have a known history of psychosis or severe trauma, please contact us beforehand.


“Really safe place. It was exactly what I need, thank you." - N

"I feel really f*cking good. Unreal. I feel 3 times bigger and 3 times lighter than normal. I feel like I have a giant 3th eye on my forehead. I've had a long trip with some sort of guidance on which way to go. It was a real pleasure to attend. I am impressed. - Kalika Angela

"Geopend, gehuild, het verdriet gevoeld, overspoeld en schoongemaakt. Nu leeg en vol tegelijk... Dank je Karlijn." - A

“Amazing energy still after 2 days. No entheogens required. Just sitting there made me arrive to that beautiful warm place where I can see more than my eyes, where there is no up, down or sides. It just is..... For seconds, I saw me as a friend of the Whole. This I keep forever until then.” – Omar Camara Ramirez

Saturday, December 23rd
Roger Spees on Grand Piano, Candlelight edition - Chapel, Haarlem:
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