Chariklo, Verzoenen, Vrijgeven, MAmmae Maak mee en verwonder avonden

Anneke Wittermans Diadans en Stichting Beweegreden

In these turbulent times, we love to invite you to join the Zoom session around Peace, Reconciliation, and Liberation inspired by chronicles of female inheritance.

Cocreate and Wonder
Zoom engagements
Wednesday evening 20.00-21.30 AMS via ZOOM

I appreciate these Zoom sessions. They bring silence, wonder, and reconciliation. They provide space and time to accommodate other aspects of life, where the soul can get in ease and well-being.
We invite you, it would be great if you could join us every now and then. To bring your value to life and join us in making this sacred, silent space possible.

We meet around the different subjects.
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Songs of Suzan
Reconcile and Liberate
Chariklo, Nehalennia
Ode to the last of the female lineage
Wonders of Neolithic times
Malta The Dreaming Lady
Donau figurines,
• Cocreate and Wonder engagements via zoom Wednesday 20.00 PM AMS
• Liberate, celebrate, and reconcile in relations
• Chariklo Zoom meetings Wednesday 20.00 PM the Netherlands
• Ode to the last of the female lineage

Cocreate and Wonder engagements via zoom Wednesday 20.00 PM AMS
Can I live whole-heartedly, with passion, and heal my domain at the same time?

In the fall I turn inside, not only in the house, but also inside my body. I want to turn inwards to hear; how am I doing, how is the heart, can I experience the pulse of confidence?

In the Autumn Nehalennia teaches me the art of sacred waiting, hearing within, reaching out for my heart's strength, and sharing my warmth. She shows me to abide, and take time to pray. She reminds me that waiting and watching so quietly is a divine work. Can I create a warm network with my light and dedication?


1 November: Reconcile and Liberate
8 November: Chariklo midwife of new times
22 November: Ode to the last of the female lineage
6 December: Chariklo fine frequencies and poems
13 December: Wonders of Neolithic times
10 January 2024 The ancestors speak via the Mitochondrial DNA
17 January Chariklo Midwife of new times
24 January Malta The dreaming lady dreams the world in existence
7 February Mammae and Nipples, radiating peace and comfort
14 February Secret love but not surreptitious
Geheimminnaarschap maar niet stiekem
28 February Chariklo and Chiron and other asteroids,Quaoar, Haumea, Makemake, Salacia, Sedna
6 March Amsterdam Ode aan de laatste van de vrouwenlijn .
12 March Figurines Minoan civilization Crete, ecstasy and celebrating life
19 March Chariklo teaches us to speak Clean
26 March The breast chambre of Peace, Reconcile and Liberate
10 April Ode to the last of the female lineage
17 April Chariklo Holding Space
24 April Nehalennia, goddess of the Helle (Nordsea)
8 May Figurines of Çatalhöyük miracle giving birth
15 May Chariklo Poems and Songs
29 May Donau figurines, Kraft des Flusses (Deutsch)
5 June Nehalennia healing light by the sea
12 June Matralia Roman Celebration day for daughters without children
19 June Chariklo Fine Tuning and Fine Frequencies
26 June Figurines of Hacilar, power of the three TanTiens
18 September Chariklo Endure and Reconcile

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1 November Liberate, celebrate, and reconcile in relations
26 March The breast chambre of Peace, Reconcile and Liberate

Can I reconcile with myself, with my body, my murmurs, disappointments, and progress? Am I at peace with myself, my loved ones, my friends, and my surroundings? To reconcile is to acknowledge sorrow, polish the pain, and restore the value. I can actively contribute to reconciliation so that life cleanses and flows cleanly. To reconcile and radiate peace is to create well-being for all.
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Friday mornings Dance with Anneke Wittermans

September-December via Google Meet
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10.00-12.00 AM AMS

Chariklo Zoom meetings Wednesday 20.00 PM the Netherlands
I am learning about the recently discovered asteroids and realized that they provide information, means, and ways to touch the soul. They provide tools for reconciliation, recreating, regenerating, and compassion. Chariklo, among other asteroids, is dear to me because of her qualities such as enduring, reconciling, and Holding Space. Magical silent information about self-values comes with Chariklo.

In a phase of life where diminishing abilities urge me to live with gratitude, Chariklo is inspiring me. She is an expert in transformation, she gracefully endures discomfort, remains in her refinement and she has the ability to carry her inner space Holding Space.(Chariklo is an asteroid, discovered in 1997, she is the partner of Chiron, a Greek myth) [Read more]

In these Zoom engagements, we travel together to connect to finer atmospheres.

Chariklo Spinning Grace-the art of tr
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