Intro Remote Viewing and Guided Outer-Body Experience

Jeroen Krieger
Ritmo da Terra, Aljezur, Portugal
€25 - €50

Introduction to Remote Viewing and Guided Out-of-Body Experience
21. Sept, 10:00 - 16:30
Ritmo da Terra, Aljezur

Join us forr a unique experience in expanding your awareness.

Tobias and Jeroen are experts in their respective areas of expanding awareness. Tobias focuses on remote viewing and its effects on our daily lives, while Jeroen brings people into a deep meditative state to explore non-physical dimensions for all kinds of beautiful adventures, like connecting consciously to beneficial energies and spirit guides. Together, they organize a unique event at Ritmo da Terra for a limited group of participants.

Based on their experience, Jeroen and Tobias know that everybody can expand their awareness in profound ways without using any consciousness-altering substances. Everything we need is already here, and they are happy to show you.

Since the group size is limited, we ask you to sign up in advance. You can sign up here: @HeartSpaceJourneys (telegram) or
€25 - €50

Potluck lunch during the break.

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Much love,
Tobias & Jeroen
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