Buddha And The Puppet Master (Theatervoorstelling)

Remco Lambers
Mariakapel Coudewater-Rosmalen

“An autobiographical play about love, freedom, personal transformation, and …
a peeing angel.”
After a successful business career in London and New York, 44-year-old Remco finds himself living in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid with his young fashion model girlfriend. With all the outer riches a man can buy and trying to leave a “Wolf of Wall Street” life behind him Remco wakes up one morning feeling empty, anxious, and stuck in the prison of his own mind.

While driving his red vintage Ferrari through the neighborhood that same day, Remco’s life is about to take a drastic turn …

Actor: Remco Lambers
Playwright: Remco Lambers
Director: Parcival Tiemessen
Light and sound: Parcival Tiemessen

Deze theater-voorstelling is in het Engels.

Remco is geboren en getogen in Sint-Michielsgestel. Hij heeft een jarenlange carriere als zakenbankier in Londen en New York achter de rug. Remco is actief als investeerder, leraar, coach, en als theatermaker. Buddha and the Puppet Master is geinspireerd op gebeurtenissen uit zijn eigen leven.

Meer info: www.buddhaandthepuppetmaster.nl

Mariakapel Coudewater
Berlicumseweg 8
5248 NT
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