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Mathieu Iking en Eyra Moon
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THE HALO EXPERIENCE is a deep frequency booster that seems like a guided meditation but is so much more than that. We go deep into your subconscious mind, the place where disappoints and heartaches are stored, without digging too long in old dirt. Rather the meaning of these transformational sessions are to find the root cause of your blocks and emotions, clear them on the spot and integrate the truth.
While Eyra is facilitating the guided meditation and working on the Subconscious Mind, Mathieu Iking is working on an energetic level by creating a space in which healing frequencies are being invited.

Everything old will be released and transformed back into light and everything else that wants to come through. The synergy of these two methods makes it really powerful, because the clearing will take place on the mind level as well as your energy field.

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“The Halo Experience has been such a wonderful blessing!!!
The experience takes me beyond my expectations and have helped me as Mathieu says:
“To get out of my own way”!! Eyra’s beautiful soothing voice infused with Mathieu’s healing is such a enlightening, powerful and loving experience!!! It feels wonderfully amazing. Always leaves me in aww,
like floating on my own spiritual magical carpet!!!🥰💕🙏” [Kim USA]
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Why Clearing the Subconscious Mind before anything else?
Over the years our antenna has picked up beliefs from people around us and society. Like “I am not good enough” or “I am not lovable”. We are often not aware of those, that is why we call it Subconscious Mind (SCM) healing as this is the place where those beliefs are stored. As our body was in perfect balance when we came here, these non-truths have caused a dis-balance. They either get triggered by people around us to bring it into our awareness to heal, or in the form of a physical issue.
Your Team
Eyra Moon from Discover Your Truth and Mathieu Iking from Source Healing Ibiza started to work together soon after they met. Eyra: “When I saw his video’s I saw a guy who did something similar with his hands as I do, yet it felt different. When we exchanged our healing methods with each other, we found a deep connection and synergy. Where I am more focused on clearing the subconscious, he is on an energy level and body. By combining our forces, we developed a unique program in which we facilitate a safe and loving space to clear all fields on a deep level, reconnect people with the Unified Field to be more open to receive messages from the Universe themselves and by doing so their Intuition gets more seen and activated so they can use their OWN antenna and start using it to create a True Self Life and become independent of anyone.
Tickets 25 euro
30 USD
Or get discount when buying 10 sessions (also to be given aways as a present to someone else)
Every Sunday from May the 1st
20.30h European Time
02.30PM New York Time
Or check your time online.
Reserve your (online) seat in time and receive payment options.
We are looking forward to meet you and become a part of this powerful grid.
Healing ourselves is healing the human consciousness as we raise the energy for more than just ourselves!
Bigs hugs and love,
Eyra and Mathieu en

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