Mantra Festival 2022 – Bhakti Bliss Celebration

Odessa Muiderpoort & Healing Harmony
Odessa Muiderpoort
vroegboek korting

Dear Soul,
Imagine, every cell within your being filled with the purest vibrations, lightness, sparkling energy, feeling light as a feather all day and days after…
That is exactly what we are going to do, filling up our system with the purest vibrations by singing, chanting, opening the Heart, calming the Mind. Connecting through Sound, Expression, Music!
Bhakti Yoga, or Kirtan other names for chanting mantras. A very old tradition from the East (India) which brings us closer/back to the Source, the Core which we can call Love, Freedom, God, or every other word that resonates for you.
This Festival we will gather to celebrate our Existence, our Being, this Life, we share together on this beautiful Earth.
We celebrate and honor everything that comes with it!
Sadness, Happiness, Joy, and any other emotions or feeling you can think of.
Everything is welcome during this togetherness.
The chanting helps us getting through whatever stands in the way of feeling free within ourselves.
You don’t have to have experience with singing, and you don’t have to sing “beautiful”.
If you have a Voice, you can Chant.
After the opening ceremony we will start with Ecstatic Dance.
After Lunch and we will have a bunch of workshops & singing circles, and a lovely Diner made by the Odessa Cheff!
In the Evening we will end the Festival with a huge Mantra Concert!
We ask you to bring your own Lunch. Dinner is included and will be served for you.
Can you feel it resonate already…?!
We do!
And so, so welcome, whoever you are.

With Love,
We will have you!

We have different areas(Mandiras) for workshops. Mandira means Temple.
Our Temples
☆Shiva Mandira - Temple of Shiva
☆Shakti Mandira - Temple of Shakti
☆Yoga Mandira (Main) - Temple of Union

09:30 Welcome
10:00 Opening Ceremony
10:30 Ecstatic Dance
13:00 Lunchtime (Bring your own lunch)
14:00 Names of the workshops will be announced later
- Free Your Voice by Vanessa Leon (Zing Je Vrij)
- Sacred Soundhealing Journey by Leonie Happel
- Workshop 3 by ...
15:30 Time to relax
- Kirtan by Ida Stuij & musician(s)
- Kirtan by Marc Swillens & Musician(s)
- Doorway To Silence by Dana Devi & musician(s)
17:30 Dinner Time (Dinner will be served for you)
19:00 Concert @ Yoga Mandira
21:00 Closing Ceremony

This includes a vegan dinner. For special diet, mail us please.
Early Bird: (first 30 tickets) 99,-
Normal Bird (next 30 tickets) 108,-
Late Bird 120,-
Ticket Link:

For any question, please mail us.
We are looking forward to this day with you!

Let us SING!
One Love ~
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