Tantric Living Program (4, 11, 18 & 25 October)

Integrated Tantra
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In this 4 week program, we dive deep, share, grow and play together. You learn transformative Tantric practices to take home with you and create a more wholesome experience of life.

In conscious practices, we can reach deep insights and experiences of bliss, but what happens to them when we are talking to our parents, waiting in a line, or when our lover has a bad day? Especially in everyday life, stress, projections, and distractions can take us away from what we have learned. Sometimes it seems like all the practice was for nothing, and it’s so hard to keep connected to this sense of awareness.

Sounds familiar?

That is why in the Tantric Living program, we dive deep into Tantra, and create a sustainable basis to practice for yourself and with your Sangha (practice group). With a committed group, we form a container for integrated growth where we can support each other on this journey. On the mat, we go through the philosophy and practice of Tantra, incorporating basic and advanced methods. Off the mat, you will get homework exercises to help you incorporate these transformative teachings into your life.

Weekly content:

Setting up a tantric container
Create your space for exploration and practice
Develop physical and energetic awareness
Build the fundaments for Tantric living

Truthful Communication
Practice truthful expression
How to stay close to yourself in a ‘non-Tantric’ world
Becoming clear in your relations

Dare to shine light on your contractions
Integrate trauma through your body
Feel the joy in exploring your deeper Truth

Sensuality and expansion
Cultivate, share & celebrate the free flow of sexual energy
Bring your loving compassion into contact
Re-connect to the joy of the senses
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