Evenement 21-06-20 : Introduction Board of Angels and Board of Angels Gemstone Healing

Introduction Board of Angels and Board of Angels Gemstone Healing

Transcendent Nature
zondag, 21 juni 2020
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The Board of Angels is the Board of the Highest Divine Angel Beings. It comes from a different Reality than ours. The Board has 36 Signs. All the charactors, personalities, talents, attibutes etc of angelic beings, be-winged creatures everywhere existing are described in its 36 Signs. Think about Archangels, guarding angels, Earth Angels, Universal Angels etc. The Board of Angels is like a periodic table or cooking receipt for creating angels.

In this introduction, you'll get a touch of the Board of Angels energies, its sweetness and softness. You'll receive healing, Holy Signs and experience the Holy Angel Water energy. We'll also do meditations. Of course, you'll learn what the actual class contains.

The Board of Angels has also its Gemstone Healing Board. This is a complementary Board of the Board of Angels. But it's a separate class in itself. If you already have the Board of Angels class, this could be a beautiful complement. However it's not neccessary that you have the Board of Angels first. The energy of this Board goes much deeper into the body, soul and spirit. With this Board, we work with 36 gemstones/crystals instead of Signs. For stone lovers, this is a wonderful chance to explore more. This Board offers a very unique way to work with our Ultimate Higher Self (the Total self of all Higher Selves together), and that is the ultimate way of spiritual growing.

For more information about these two classes, visit www.theboardofangels.com

Email to infoattheboardofangels .com to sign up the Introduction. (if you copy the email adress, please remove the space inbetween, there is some system erro with spirituele-agenda web).

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