Evenement 29-04-20 : Glastonbury Beltane retreat

Glastonbury Beltane retreat

Jackie Platteel
woensdag, 29 april 2020 - maandag, 4 mei 2020
6 day retreat
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This retreat includes the famous Glas5onbury Beltane celebrations. This festival is known all over the world for the futility rites and the union between Masculine and Feminine of the land. Different ceremonies are available this day and the day before.

 Day 1 The women are digging the hole the day before. Aprox 4 hrs incl. Ceremony. The Green Men are carving the and may pole. At Beltane they carrie the Pole in the procession to the location. (Only men) Accompanied by the bride and groom of the sacred handfasting (wedding) here we celebrate in ceremony and dancing around the ribbon maypole. 

 Day 2 This day starts with celebrations in the chalice well at 07.00 .13.00 celebration and procession of the maypole. The sacret blessing at the chalice well.

 After the celebration we climbe the Tor to receive the Goddess blessings. After this you have free time to go into town.

 Day 3  Because all the festivities sometimes into the night. We start at 12 noon. We go to the power places including ceremonies, meditations, deep connection with the land and elemental being's.

 Day 4 We go off to Tintangel Caslte in Cornwall conecting with Danu Goddess of the Ocean and to Merlins cave.

 Day 5 After visiting Tintangels casle of the day before we conecting with King Arthur. And combining the energies together in a ceremony. Afternoon free time.

 Day 6 Avebury and Stone henge

Here we visit the ancestors and the famous stone circles with ceremonie and conecting with the Great Mother of the Land.  After this day we make a closure ceremony and take the transformational experiences and love for the land into our hearts.

The connection between each others souls will be celebrated.