Evenement 25-07-19 : 3-day Meditation Retreat: Living In Zen

3-day Meditation Retreat: Living In Zen

Magick Heart Meditation
donderdag, 25 juli 2019 - zondag, 28 juli 2019
Het Klooster, Breda
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€ 530 all incl.
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3-day Meditation Retreat with Siddha Aeon from Japan:

Living In Zen

Living in Zen is to live life with awareness.

Through OSHO active meditations, awareness techniques and self-inquiry techniques based on Zen tradition, we let-go our personality and rediscover our essence, that is awareness.

This is an invitation to leave all the day to day worries and tensions behind and allow yourself  to dive deeply into inner space where real meeting of oneself can happen. 

"Zen does not give you anything: it simply takes away all the layers of onion and then says to you, Look, this is you -- just pure nothingness" Osho


Group: Meditation Retreat Living In Zen

Maximum number of participants: 12 

Place: Het Klooster, Schorsmolenstraat 13, Breda

From 25/07/2019 at 19:00 hrs until 28/07/2019 at 16:00 hrs

Investment: 360 Euro

Accommodation including all meals and drinks: 170 Euro (this is to be paid to the monastery on arrival)


How to book:

To receive a registration email and reserve your spot please let us know at infoatmagickheart .com (infoatmagickheart .com)