Evenement 20-07-19 : Sacred Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony

Earth Awareness
zaterdag, 20 juli 2019 - zondag, 21 juli 2019
NatuurTempel, een kunstzinnig roundhouse van natuurlijke materialen. Earth Awareness - Off Grid Holistisch Inspiratie Centrum in Teuge
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Magic Truffles enlighten the brain, free the mind and activate the waking dream state. They expand consciousness, allowing us to realize the wonder of life. They are a key to the circle of oneness and show us how everything is interconnected and interrelated. Magic Truffles are honest and playful and take you straight into the realms of your imagination, where all creations are born. Your perception gets highly influenced, beyond the world of logics. All defend mechanisms will be bypassed, which makes you completely capable of thinking and feeling ‘out of the box’.

Psilocybin is a highly visionary natural compound with a long tradition of shamanic use and a close similarity to normal brain chemistry, The mushrooms that we use in our ceremonies are the Magic Truffles, the Philosopher Stones, the elixir of life. They are non-toxic to the body and completely legal in the Netherlands.

A worldwide mushroom culture is reborn, like ayahuasca and other plant based entheogens, a hidden but profound influence in a worldwide renewal of a spiritual relationship with the natural world. Science is just starting to grasp the tremendous healing and wellness potential of this ancient medicine, both medical as well as psychological and emotional. It is proven to bring positive, long lasting changes in human behaviour, it increases self-care and improves relationships. It is effective at treating depression and it seems it stimulates growth of new brain cells.



We are Mark & Maya and with great pleasure and devotion we have been guiding the inner work with the psilocybin mushrooms for 20 years. We feel grateful to share the sacred heart medicine and the spirit fire. After many years of intense training and collaboration with indigenous shamans from all over the earth we are very well trained as ceremonial guides. Our ceremonies are influenced by many shamanistic traditions, they are dynamic and alive.

Together we practice how to become the masters of our shapeshifting realities. With beautiful acoustic music, sensitive and powerful songs, silence and sincere sharing around the fireplace. A team of caring and experienced assistances will be there to make sure you can surrender to your inner journey. We organize the Magic Mushroom ceremonies as a tool for awakening, they are a key to the circle of oneness.



Our pricing system is based on trust, we ask applicants to choose an income tier that is relevant to them and choose a price based on that