Evenement 23-02-19 : Ecstatic Dance Groningen - Saturday Febuary 23!

Ecstatic Dance Groningen - Saturday Febuary 23!

Ecstatic Dance Groningen - Saturday Febuary 23!
zaterdag, 23 februari 2019
Edanz, groningen
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€ 15,00
persoonlijke groei

praktijkdekoningterijkatgmail .com

Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance meditation. There is a guided introduction to ground and connect and then you are off on a 2 hour dance around the world. The DJ will make waves of slow and fast music and guide you with the music through different intensities. You can dance as you wish, alone or with others, big or small, laying on the floor or jumping in the air. We intend to provide an environment where everything and everyone is welcome.

However there are 3 guidelines: - No talking (this helps you to have a more meaningful experience and hey....isn't it great to free yourself from speech?) (just for a short time) - No shoes (unless you need it) - No drugs or alcohol. (we are trying to drop masks and to truly connect with ourselves and, if you are feeling advanturous, connect with others)

Did you know that Ecstatic is not only about happy feelings? Ecstatic comes from a Greek word that means to expand, to go beyond the self.... in the past ecstatic was any state of being beyond yourself. Nowadays it is mostly used to express happiness. But that is only a limited view on the term ecstatic.

We welcome all emotions on the dancefloor. Happiness is the easy emotion on the dancefloor, because it is familiair. We usually dance to celebrate. There are many ancient cultures and some are still alive, that use dance as a medicine. That is why we would like you to feel free to express whatever comes bubbling up, while shaking up your cells.

Thank you Esta Polyesta for your guided words ♥