Evenement 09-11-19 : Qi Gong workshop Amsterdam Oost

Qi Gong workshop Amsterdam Oost

Be Pranic
zaterdag, 9 november 2019 - zondag, 10 november 2019
middenweg 22, Amsterdam
10.30 - 16.30
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€ 97
persoonlijke groei

bepranicatgmail .com

Master Zhao, will introduce the spine course at qi level.

Come and experience the quality of Qi in the spine, how to open a "Governor's Vessel", feel Qi and blood, promote Yang Qi and have a healthy body.

In other words "a healthy back bends but does not break".

There are several wonderful exercises to bring fresh and vital energy.

It starts with the awakening of one's personal Qi, allowing it to circulate in the body. In this way the water element is strengthened and nourished.

Then tensions are gradually released from different parts of the body. When we release our Qi, it flows more smoothly and we can feel more vital and alive.

Only after we have released the tensions and filled the lumbar and kidneys, can we extend the body (and not before), then move on to the fluid movements that bring health to our backs and recharge our lower Dantian energy storage house.

We will receive more knowledge on how the effect of loosing spine it can be related as the magical Harmonie of Jing, Qi and Shen.

Please in order to be in time, you are all welcome from 10.15

Start of the days 10.30 - 12.40

Afternoon 13.25 - 16.30