Evenement 15-06-19 : Day Retreat awaken The Life Force And Joy Within

Day Retreat "awaken The Life Force And Joy Within"

Tai Loi Sound & Silence
zaterdag, 15 juni 2019
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€ 65
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Join us for a day of retreat to celebrate life and togetherness, to awaken the life force and joy within though ceremony, movement, mantra and sound healing.

Lead by Regina Rhythm and Ilanit de Wilde; you will be taken in an immersive experience to connect deeply with your body, clear tensions and blockages, and ignite the spark of life force and joy within.

Day Retreat program, what to expect:

* Nadabrahma Meditation ~ Awakening Vibration
* Cacao ceremony ~ Intention
* Chakra activation ~ Voice and mantra
* Kundalini awakening ~ Breath, Spinal spiral and flowing stretches
* Movement journey ~ Free flow
* Integration ~ Relaxation with healing sounds

Larger explanation:

Opening circle, Nadabrahma Meditation with live singing bowls.

Lunch Break:
Bring your own light healthy veg base lunch to support clean energy and detox for the evening ceremony.

Free time to relax with a silent walk in the meadow.


Sacred Frankinscence smudging. One by one supported by everyone’s healing intention in circle to enter ceremonial space.

Fluye, movement journey. A transformational journey guided by the energising ceremonial Amazonian Cacao and the tribal rhythms of Regina's drum, songs and rattles. An immersive experience to connect deeply with the body through movement; to tap into the clean source of energy to rise the life force, creative power and joy within; to be present in the moment and embrace your authentic self; to release tension and feel relaxation;

~ Fluye ~ means being in the state of flow, it is flowing.

Regina creates a space for opening and expansion, aiming to tap into your authentic and unique form of expression through movement, empowered by the uplifting beats of her drum.

She will lead the journey starting with a Cacao Ceremony to connect with the heart space and fill you with the stamina that brings you the power of this Amazonian medicine plant.

Her sequence of kundalini movements, spinal spirals and flowing stretches will help you connect with your body and activate the kundalini energy, guiding you into the free flow, where by consciously surrender, you can connect to your pure essence, the source.

“Drumming and dance have been used since ancient times all around the world as a way to bring the community together, as a way to celebrate life, as a way to ground and connect to mother Earth energy. It mysteriously opens the door to altered states of consciousness, as one drops into the hypnotic rhythms allowing the energy and emotions to express freely through movement. A powerful way to reset and make space for the new”

Integration ~ Relaxation with healing sounds:

We will end this day with a Sound Healing Journey giving by Ilanit.

What to bring:

Sporty clothing for morning and comfortable ceremonial for afternoon
Your own light healthy veg base lunch to support clean energy and detox for the evening ceremony
Rattle (optional)
What not to bring:

No need for cushion or blanket for the Sound healing Journey, all available in the studio
Tea or water, available at the studio
When: 15 Juni 2019 10:00 - 17:00

Where: Tai Loi Sound & Silence Farm, Gein-Noord 78, Abcoude

65 euro
Please mail: workshopattailoi .nl