Evenement 14-02-20 : Restorative Yoga en Singing Bowls

Restorative Yoga & Singing Bowls

Cristina Guerra & Frank Klank
vrijdag, 14 februari 2020
Yoga Spot - Amsterdam | bij Olympisch Stadion
20.30 - 22.30
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€ 25,00
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frankklankattelfort .nl

This practice is a Restorative meditation guided by the sound of the Singing Bowls.
Each sound has an appropriate vibration in which to achieve harmony.
The use of specific supported postures and sound vibrations are placed, felt, and experienced at different places of your body.


We invite you to observe with awareness what is happening within all of your cells during this sound-journey restorative practice. Connected with the breath and sounds vibrations awareness will arise, feelings can take place, and all that comes to the surface is welcome accepted and released.


The release of resistances and blockages will have the time and place to be dissolved within yourself during the practice. Silent times will allow for all of the processes to settle down. Come and join us in rebalancing through restorative healing sound session.


The restorative and singing bowls are both practices of surrender and let go. Both invite us to relax, reestablish and renew integrity in all the layers of our selves. In this special session we go to the trigger points of accumulation, dissolving tension by correcting skeletal alignment and releasing the joints, muscles, tendons, deeper tissues, fascia and skin, with the help of props, breathing techniques and sound healing to achieve complete relaxation.
These sessions are designed to be gentle and soothing and can be practiced even when you are feeling weak, tired, ill or frazzled.
Most of all, it is important to remember that we are not driven by the desire to ‘touch our feet’; we practice releasing and relaxing on our way to the feet.
So, leave your ego behind, close your eyes, and drift within.