Evenement 09-02-20 : The sound of the Chakras

The sound of the Chakras

Cristina Guerra, Frank Klank & de Meditatietuin
zondag, 9 februari 2020
de Meditatietuin - Amstelpark Amsterdam
15.00 - 16.30
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€ 25,00
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Guided meditation with Singing Bowls (English spoken)
This chakra meditation, in combination with the sounds of the singing bowls, connects you with a deeper and more heart-centered world through the power of vibration.
Experience the soothing sounds of the singing bowls and a meditative journey to restore your balance.
This guided meditation, we are going on a inner chakra journey to bring all chakras into the right vibration. The chakras are the junction points of energy distributed along our spine.
If they are balanced, the physical, emotional and spiritual connections related to each one of them are in harmony.
The different vibrations of the chakras are all connected and influenced by each ohter.
The Meditatietuin is guiding this meditation with guest teacher Cristina Guerra:
Cristina is a certified yoga and meditation instructor currently based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Originally from Portugal, Cristina has for the four past years hosted classes and workshops in yoga and meditation across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australia, after becoming a 500RYT with Zuna Yoga on the island of Gili Meno in Indonesia. Currently offering Yoga Teacher Trainings in the area of Restorative and Nidra where she specialized.
Singing Bowls played by Frank Klank:
From the first moment he got in touch with the singing bowls, about 16 years ago, he knew it was his path to share these beautiful sounds. After all those years the sounds of the Singing bowls are still special and surprising. Listening to the sounds of the singing bowls makes you feel more relaxed and less stressful. You will sleep better and get more inspiration. These vibrations of singing bowls are supportive in a healing process.
When and where:  February 9 | De Meditatietuin – Amstelpark 6 | 3 – 4.30 PM | 25 euro  |
How to get tot the Meditatietuin? Follow link (entrance Rode Brug/Red Bridge):
GOOD TO KNOW: Meditation pillows and yoga mats are available but you can also bring your own for more comfort.
This event will take place with a minimum number of participants. Refunds are only possible when the event will be postponed or canceled.