Evenement 19-01-20 : Yoga Nidra en Singing Bowls

Yoga Nidra & Singing Bowls

Nathalie Rasing en Frank Klank
zondag, 19 januari 2020
The White Door Studio - Amsterdam
15.00 - 17.00
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€ 40,00
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Deeply relax in a transformational sleep with healing sounds
By Nathalie Rasing and Frank “Klank” Mannens
When and where: January 19th 3 – 5 pm | The White Door yoga studio | Visseringstraat 39 h Amsterdam
Earlybird price = €32,50 | up until the 31st of December
Regular price = €40,-
Bring a friend = €30,-
Send an email to: infoatthewhitedoorstudio .nl to buy a ticket for a friend with this discounted price.
The journey
Yoga Nidra is a yogic sleep that allows you to effortlessly come to a deep state of relaxation.
You will travel to the more subtle states of your being, in yoga this is called the 4th state of consciousness.
Here the self healing ability of your body can function optimally and you are strongly connected to your inner wisdom and peace.
It will leave you feeling restored and revitalised, grounded in your authentic self.
Singing bowls are ancient Tibetan instruments used for meditation and healing.
As sound travels the energy moves through you, harmonising your physical body as well as your emotional and mental layers.
Combined these ancient practices will only reinforce their effects, taking you on a blissful journey.
Effects may vary, as the practice is self regulating, meaning you will get exactly what you need at that moment.
You may experience to:
Find a deep state of peace and tranquillity, which lives within you and you can turn to again even after the session
Connect to the self-healing ability of the body and restore the body on the deepest level
Restore the energetic flow in your body, smoothing out blockages and balancing energy centres
Find emotional and mental balance, stability in the turmoil of daily life
Connect to your inner source of wisdom and creativity, unlocking your potential
About Nathalie and Frank:
Frank ‘Klank’ Mannens is a singing bowl artist, performing and recording sessions to relax and heal.
Nathalie Rasing is a yoga and meditation teacher who’s nourishing practice revolves around self
discovery and healing.
Both are highly valued teachers by meditators all over the world.
You can find their practices and reviews on Insight Timer here:
Frank ‘Klank’ Mannens:  http://insig.ht/frankklank
Nathalie Rasing:  http://insig.ht/nmdrasing


Nathalie Rasing: www.nathalierasing.com
Frank 'Klank' Mannens: www.frankklank.nl